i just nibbled the last piece of the kuey lapis cake that mummy baked and brought over almost 3 weeks ago….it is quite traumatising because i won’t get to taste it for yet another long long time….
for those who do not yet know what this special cake (which originated from Indonesia) is like….it is a cake baked layer by layer with a wonderful cake mixture that consists of some French Herbal Wine (which i haven’t been successful in finding), lots of eggs and butter among other things…and is made with lots of patience….(because the layers are roughly 3-5mm thick…and you need quite a few to make up a yummy cake!)
mummy’s kuey lapis is probably the best you can ever find….she bakes lots of them just before Chinese New Year and serves them to visiting relatives and friends ….it is truly a very special treat…it’s so delicately beautiful…it melts in your mouth….and it is best enjoyed layer by layer…..hmmm absolutely devine.

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